What is the .eu Code of Conduct?

The .eu Code of Conduct was introduced by EURid, the .eu registry, in response to the need to create a framework of rules and a set of Best Practice Guidelines. The .eu Code of Conduct strengthens the Registry-Registrar Agreement to benefit end users and generally raise standards. They cover good practice regarding the provision of pricing and service information, data accuracy, technical and business competence, and the publication of information about charges and service levels.

So how does it work?

The .eu Code of Conduct is a self-regulating body to which .eu accredited registrars can subscribe should they wish to distinguish themselves as offering a best in class service within the domain name industry. In subscribing they agree to adhere to the conditions laid out in the Code’s Charter and in return they are granted the use of the official Code of Conduct logo.

The charter, along with the Rules and Procedures, forms the backbone of the Code and describes what principles subscribing registrars are to adhere to when registering domain names on behalf of their customers.

Why was a Code of Conduct necessary?

  • To recognise registrars offering a best in class service
  • To promote accountability within the registrar community
  • To deal with issues that are inherent to the domain name industry but that are difficult to regulare adequately in a legal context
  • To allow the public to make an informed choice when choosing which registrar to work through when registering their .eu domain name

Do you want to know more about this website?

The official Code of Conduct website plays an integral role in the implementation of the Code. All registrars subscribing to the Code are listed here and those wishing to become members of the Code can subscribe online. The site also serves as the online platform by which the public can file complaints against subscribing registrars and is a repository for all official documents pertaining to the Code and its implementation.